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Cabomba is ill

I have a fairly new planted tank (4 weeks since set-up) and while my
Ludwigia and Rosetta swords are doing fine the cabomba does not look too
well. At the top of the stems the leaves look fine, but on the bottom half
or so of the stems the leaves are looking unhealthy then falling off. Can
anyone offer any suggestions?

55 gallon at 80 degrees
External canister filter
220 watts of compact fluorescent lighting, on for 10 hours/day
substrate is 60% fluorite and 40% small gravel, averaging 3-4" deep
CO2 injection when the lights are on.
pH 6.6-6.8
Water - moderate hardness (I forget the exact numbers)
Half-dose of Seachem Flourish added 2x / week
light fish load - 18 zebra danios, 4 baby angels, 3 otos, a few guppies.

I have been using PhosGuard to reduce my high phosphate levels in hopes of
heading off algae problems.


Peter G. Aitken