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Re: Your sick Altum Angels

  Merrill wrote:

 >>Your Angels have probably died by now and I'm pretty certain that they had
 >the Angel and Discus
 >>disease (probably a virus).  They do  not respond to medication and I have
 >found that the best
 >>results are to immediately drop the pH to 4 (yes, four); keep it there
 >until the fish are
 >>entirely well -- then slowly raise the pH to the preferable 6.8 (IMHO).
 >Sometimes this takes
 >>two weeks for a cure, but it is the only thing that seems to work!  The
 >reason that I believe it
 >>to be a virus is that, once cured, they do not get this problem again.
 >>Good luck!

Unfortunately  all my angels died, but my cory cats and Otocinclus did not seem
to be affected by the disease.