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Re: Solution to Co2 degassing, Biofiltration problem.

D. Chang showed a nice design of an in-tank sump.

I've been toying with the same idea for before but haven't really try it
The main issue I have is evapouration.

Because the volume of the filter compartment is small compared to the tank,
evapouration will lower the water volume in the compartment quite
As the water level lowers, the powerhead will need to push harder because
of the water pressure difference between the filter compartment and the
This will affect surface skimming and filtration as less water is going
through the
filter.  I can imagine at the extreme when there is not enough water to
reach the
filter intake, a mixture of air and water will be pump out from the
at random, or the powerhead stops pumping because it cannot overcome the
water pressure from the main tank.

Evapouration will be slowed down by the glass cover, but getting a sense
of the evapouration rate is essential to the maintaince of this filter (or
any sump
system for that matter).