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RE: DIY Yeast Explosion

I have the same problem a couple of months ago in my 75 Gal. tank

This is what I did.

I immediatly run my diatom filter, this cleared the water prety fast. I also
make a 50% water change.

Then I make daily 50% water changes for about one week and keep the diatom
filter running for at least a couple of hours after the water change.

Neither plants nor fishes where affected by the accident...

By the way. In my case the accident happened because I connecte the tubing
from the DIY CO2 generator to the ventury inlet of a powerhead. This caused
vacum that make the bottle to shrink (The bottle was a 1 gal water bottle
made of very thin plastic). So the lesson is: Make sure you use a rigid
bottle for your DIY CO2 if you are feeding it to the ventury intake of a
power head.