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Solution to Co2 degassing, Biofiltration problem.

I've got a solution to filtration Co2 degassing problems. It is adapted
from an expensive design for large tanks with expensive filters but I
altered it to work with any size tank with a Powerhead. Go to the bottom of
this page http://www.mindspring.com/~boukmn/Boukmn_s-Homepage_frame.html .
The page is built by a rank amateur who is Webpage clueless (me) so the
links don't yet work. I developed this adaptation to solve five aggravating

1. The ease at which power heads clog.
2. Getting effective biofiltration in small "Amanostyle" tanks w/o
	Co2 degassing.
3. Eliminating duckweed, scum and all surface debris once and for all.
4. Cleaning the Powerhead sponge w/o fouling the aquarium (arrggg!!! I HATE
5. Keeping all the filtration apparatus w/in the tank AND invisible.

The total cost is low. The powerhead being the most expensive. Since it
works well even for my small L20"XW15"xH12" tanks w/ a Rio-90 $12.00 power
head the setup costs $20. My large L48"xW24"xH12" tanks uses a $21
Penguin-550 so the total cost is $33.

The other important compontent is the costum cut glass top. It only exposes
a 2sq cm area to the outside air for the pump powercord and DIY yeast
reactor tube. I am open to comments for improvements on this design. I am
sure someone has thought of a similar idea, though I am suprised I haven't
found it on-line.

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