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Re: Seachem Florish and KH question

>Most "tap water purifiers" capapble of removing phosphate will not remove 
>sodium chloride (NaCl), indeed they tend to rais the levels of Na, and 
>usually also Cl.

The label on the tap water purifier says it removes all minerals (including
sodium), all heavy metals, all algae-promoting nutrients plus... other
stuff, so I gather the water is much like distilled water.  

>Your water is in all likelyhood already salty enough, or even too salty.
>a copy of the water quality report from the local water authority.  See what 
>you have.  Confirm with your water utility or your own tests what 
>phosphate levels are.

I tried that once...they are very useless...and they lie.  But I'll try again.

>You've already increased the salinity by running it through a purifier.  The 
>amount of salinity you will boost it by (130ppm) is pretty high, on top of 
>that.  This is probably not very good for plants at all.

Well I'm not convinced.  The tank and plants have not looked this good for
a long time.   Last night they were bubbling away.   The heat is a problem
(I do have a fan installed under the hood BTW).  

I might buy a test kit for phosphate though and maybe get a kit to measure
the salinity.