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Re: Your sick Altum Angels

This is my first response in this list so if i did this wrong and sent this
to everyone or broke the rules some how please forgive my newbie mistake.
just trying to learn

Merrill Cohen wrote


Your Angels have probably died by now and I'm pretty certain that they had
the Angel and Discus
disease (probably a virus).  They do  not respond to medication and I have
found that the best
results are to immediately drop the pH to 4 (yes, four); keep it there until
the fish are
entirely well -- then slowly raise the pH to the preferable 6.8 (IMHO).
Sometimes this takes
two weeks for a cure, but it is the only thing that seems to work!  The
reason that I believe it
to be a virus is that, once cured, they do not get this problem again.

Good luck!

Merrill Cohen

>>The reason that I believe it
>>to be a virus is that, once cured, they do not get this problem again.

Dont mean to nitpick but proper diaganosis is the most critical step in
disease prevention and treatment. I'm no expert on fish immunology but I
know that if the above statement were applied to humans it would be
incorrect. immunity can be developed to all sorts of antigens from any
number of pathogens and this is probably true of fish as well. I seriously
question identfying a deisease as viral becuase an immune reponse was
developed. immune responses can be developed against parasitic worms,
bacteria, allergens, etc. in humans. as i stated im not a fish immunologist
(not a human immunologist..yet ;) so it might be possible that fish can only
develope immunity or immune reponses to viral infections. just my two