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Your sick Altum Angels

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>Subject: Your sick Altum Angels
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>Randy wrote:
>Subject: Ultraviolet Filters
>after putting 2 altum angelfish in my planted tank, they and my other 
>angelfish in the tank came down with some kind of diseases.it looks like 
>some kind of white slime on their body and eyes and their fins are all 
>raged.i tired using Aquari-sol for a few days but it was getting worse so 
>today i switch to using Ampicillex hopefully that will work.
>i am thinking of adding a Ultraviolet Sterilization Filter to my tank what 
>i am wondering is will it cause problems in a planted tank. dose anybody 
>have anything good or bad to say about  Ultraviolet filters. and if they 
>are good to use can anyone recommend a good one.
>Your Angels have probably died by now and I'm pretty certain that they had
the Angel and Discus 
>disease (probably a virus).  They do  not respond to medication and I have
found that the best 
>results are to immediately drop the pH to 4 (yes, four); keep it there
until the fish are 
>entirely well -- then slowly raise the pH to the preferable 6.8 (IMHO).
Sometimes this takes 
>two weeks for a cure, but it is the only thing that seems to work!  The
reason that I believe it 
>to be a virus is that, once cured, they do not get this problem again.
>Good luck!
>Merrill Cohen