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re: water changing

When changing water I use the python gravel vac.  I turn it upside down, so
the open side is pointed vertically toward the ceiling.  The bottom of the
vac is just in the water.  Turn on the water and let the tube fill (rather
than shooting water up toward the ceiling).  Once the tube gets filled, the
water will cascade over the lip.  It outgasses some on the trip down the
outside of the tube.  At the end of the tube the water hits the "top" green
part of the gravel vac.  As it hits this lip, it will spray out a bit,
allowing for more degassing.  I usually position the green lip about 2-4
inches over the water surface.  The water usually fans out to about a 7"
diameter circle.

>One trick to
>use to degas the water somewhat is to ditch the gavel vac end of the Python
>when putting water back into the tank, and put on one of the "gentle
>shower" type sprayer head used for watering the garden.  This fine spray
>will outgas much more than the solid stream of water that comes through the