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Re: Substrate for fish room

Fishroom in the basement: I'm working on one now. The problem I have
with plain concrete is that it can make the room pretty cold in the
winter. I'm putting in a subfloor on my floor with styrofoam insulation
just because I've been to several finished basements that are just too
cold in the winter. If you insulate the floor and walls well and your
furnace is in the basement, it really helps keep a warm temp in the
winter, even without supplementary heat.
I plan on using a vynyl floor. The problem with Pergo is that (at least
to my knowledge) is that it's very bad to leave standing water on it.
You need to clean up spills immediately. Don't know if it would be a
good fish room floor. Never heard of waterproof pergo, but it might
exist now. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more.

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