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Re: Apple snails

Ed street writes:

> Today I picked up some blue apple snails and was curious if anyone has
>  kept apple snails in there planted tanks, would be interested in hearing
>  how they faired and how the plants did.

Last month when I was ordering from AAG, I noticed that they are selling a 
number of apple snail varieties.  I asked about them, because I have always 
thought they look gfood in an aquarium.  Peter assured me that they would eat 
any plants in my tank, and that they are sold by AAG for the sake of putdoor 
pond people, where they apparently are useful for algae control.  This left 
me with the impression that they will preferentially eat algae, but when it's 
all gone, they munch on everything else.

Many years ago I had a nice Amazon sword as the centerpiece of my 55-gal 
angel tank.  One day, I bought a Columbian ramshorn snail, which is actually 
not a ramshorn, but a variety of apple snail, in spite of the shell shape.  
The next morning, one of the leaves of the sword was floating at the the top 
of the  tank, broken off at the base of the petiole.  The next morning 
another was there.  It took me almost a week to realize what was going on.  I 
moved the snail to another tank, but new growth on the sword after that came 
in with no petiole at all, and it was never the same.

Bob Dixon