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Seachem Flourish and Kh question

Can anyone on this list explain to me what exactly Seachem Flourish is?
I bought some through a mailorder company under the category of plant
fertilizer and it arrived with nothing except a scant label that said it is
a "non-fertilizer water conditioner' and it also says to use with Flourish
Iron, Flourish Tabs and Flourite.  What exactly does it contain and what
does it do?

I already use Tropical Water Conditioner, so I guess I shouldn't use the
Flourish as well.  

The other thing I want confirmed is my gH is 40ppm and my kH is 20ppm.  I
was going to buy some calcium carbonate to raise both gH and kH.  Is that
right?  I did consider double dosing with the Tropical Water conditioner
(it said it would raise hardness by approx 80ppm and salinity by 130ppm)
but I have loaches and little catfish and I think I read somewhere that
they can't tolerate salty water so I was a bit nervous about doing that.