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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1258

 Mr Purchase's tale of police terror tactics over the 
>blue lights in his window only re-enforce my appreciation for the 4th 
>amendment, and this great country many of us on this list have the privelege 
>to live in.  Canada is a beautiful place, and I've had the privilege of 
>sailing (all-expenses-paid, including neat clothes and "tour guides", by the 
>US government) to every continent except South America and Antarctica.  
>Nevertheless  I like it right here in the good old US of A.  :-)


While an occassional situation such as James Purchase described might
happen in Canada, I can assure you, it happens far less often than it does
in the US of A. My cousin, who is a California resident was once peacefully
asleep in a motel along with her husband and kids when police broke in and
held a gun at her husbands head for a good hour of unforgetable terror
before they figured out they had the wrong room. I'm not sure her kid is
over it yet and that was 15 years ago. Quite a lot worse than coming in and
asking for some ID. It is a fact that the average citizen is MUCH safer
here... not just from the police but from their fellow citizens too... not
that I don't love the US and USers... cause I do. I live with one and I've
lived there and like it... but it's NOT as safe. 

in Vancouver