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Re: Bill Bennet/Asian Exporters

Dwight writes off-list:

> I accept most all of your "bare root plants in th US" answers. I do find
>  your choice of the suspected "Asian" source of parasites should the rock
>  wool rule be dropped...unfortunate. I trust you were not suggesting that
>  the rock wool rule is created & enforced to defend North American borders
>  to mitigate the importation of plant-borne diseases from all parts of the
>  world equally...with an Asian emphasis. The way you said it, suggests we
>  don't have much to fear from European exporters its a few unscrupulus Asian
>  exporters that are the problem. 
>  I remember the Angel fish problem. But I also remember mad cow (bone meal
>  fert.), foot and mouth, the European med-fly and a host of other plant
>  parasites from Europe which don't change our views about European growers
>  in general. Nor did these incedents lead us to suggest the few less than
>  scrupulus breeders/growers/exporters (not the vast majority) were European.
>  My response is not ment to be ad hominem; its that your words can be
>  misinterpreted :)

I accept your point that my phrasing can be seen as prejudicial.  I apologize 
publicly to you and all on the list.  However, I still find that .... nah, 
never mind.  That example will just keep it going, and that's not what we are 
about on this list.  

>  However, as for "William Bennet", your glowing assessment of the REAL WB
>  is...classic! I haven't heard that faith in ANY politician (that the
>  speaker doesn't know personally) in a loooog time! There are currently 1399
>  list-lurkers as of 8/31/99 his address is obviously there. But a search
>  using his E-MAIL turned up no hits. It likely means...nothing. Lets just
>  say the Canadian lurkers' recent terrifying desriptions of "hydroponic
>  plant light law hazzards of the innocent" tends to set off "Danger Wil
>  Robinson" bells whenever I hear "William Bennet", "Aquatic Plants",
>  "illegal" and "trade" in the same post.
>  ~D.Chang;

I still stand my my assessment of Mr Bennett.  He is, IMHO, not a politician, 
but a public servant.  Mr Purchase's tale of police terror tactics over the 
blue lights in his window only re-enforce my appreciation for the 4th 
amendment, and this great country many of us on this list have the privelege 
to live in.  Canada is a beautiful place, and I've had the privilege of 
sailing (all-expenses-paid, including neat clothes and "tour guides", by the 
US government) to every continent except South America and Antarctica.  
Nevertheless  I like it right here in the good old US of A.  :-)

Bob Dixon