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From Bob Dixon:
> Nicholas writes:
> >  have always heard that people use some sort of tablets or pills which they 
> > place
> >  close to the roots of their plants. Can anyone suggest a brand with which 
> > they
> >  have had success. Thank you very much,
> Jobe's Plant Spikes for Ferns and palms is low in phosphorus and works well.  
> Other versions of Jobe's generally are too high in P for most of us.

I would STRONGLY reccomend you use a substrate fertilizer specially for
aquarium use. And never use any with signifigant nitrates or phosphorus.
Once you put these tabs in the soil you can't really take them out if
the addition of these nutrients (particularly phosphate) triggers an
algae bloom. 
	I am using Sera fertilizer. I have their liquid and have found it to be
VERY good. I haven't tried the tabs but based on the good results with
the liquid I am prepared to give them a guarded reccomendation. The tabs
are called Sera Florenette A the liquid is called Sera Florena.