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Re: odd algae

Thayer writes:

> I was wondering if anyone might be able to identify and provide a solution
>  for, the folowing algae.  Its structure looks a bit like a miniature
>  saltwater staghorn coral, though it is soft, a pale green and somewhat
>  translucent.  It is starting to proliferate in our 90 gal, co2 injected,
>  400w MH lit, 24x36x24 FW heavily planted tank.
>  A picture of it can be viewed at...
>  http://www.noe.com/temp/sd27.jpg

Gee, Thayer, I don't know what it is, but it is pretty neat looking.  I once 
had a small killie tank that I left fishless for a week. I was about to put 
fish back in it when I noticed a smll, colorless <thing> swimming around in 
there.  It looked like a jellyfish without the stringies hanging down, about 
3/8 inch across.  I left the tank empty for several months hoping more of 
them would show up, but it never happened.  Whatever it was would have made 
great fish food, if I could have cultured it.

I've read on a web site recently that kissers were good algae eaters.  If so, 
this looks like the kind of algae they would probably like.

Bob Dixon