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Re: Odd Algae

Ahh yes! the interesting staghorm algae. a.k.a. a type of hair algae ;)
There are several methods of dealing with this.  although not what I would
consider a 'bad' algae it is more asteticaly displeasing (looks bad) than
anything else.  Algae like this is usually an indication of sometype of
nutrient inballance like iron, nitrogen (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate), 
phosphate, or perhaps one of the other minor trace elements.

In my tank I do seem to have a few growth patches of this and my sae's and
yamato shrimp just love this stuff to no end.  The sae's get the ones in
the open and the yamato gets the ones in smaller areas where the sae's
can't get to.  I do have a suspicion that other forms of aquatics can and
will eat this algae.

Would also say that with a higher ligh content over your tank algaes would
get a boost (as opposed to lower light levels) so it would be abit more
crucial to do methods like PMDD, waterchanges and the like.