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Tropica Plants

If I am wrong and this was a legitimate question then accept my apology for
this post. "William Bennet" wrote this:

<<Last time I checked the Tropica (European Plant export company) website, it
said that they are legally not permitted to mail their plants to me in the
US. Is this true for lfs as well? Can they order for me from Tropica?>>

I have drooled at the Tropica site hoping in what I once thought was a vain
aspiration to own these plants, especially those exotic swords. I have
since learned they are available in the US from some growers...don't ask me
HOW they got them.  I don't ask and they don't tell. I don't believe they
are imported them in "numbers", but I speculate individuals may have
brought samples in from Canada perhaps. When available, they cost an

More information than this I am loath to give anyone who calls himself
"William Bennet" who has NEVER posted to the list before. 

P.S. - Tell "Ed Meese" I said Hi.

"A-stumpin' in Ft.Lauderdale"