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Filter question

Good day everyone,

First, I must say that I am addicted to this group.  Also, I am truly
thankful to all for being such a helpful bunch.
A guy at my office wants to sell his Eheim 2226, new in the box, he wants to
sell it because he bought it instead of a 2228 for his 90gal tank.  He is
willing to sell it for a very good price (so he won't have to deal with the
shipping costs) and I am thinking of getting it.  I know it will be overkill
for my 25gal tank, but I can get is for less than a 2224.  All-righty-then,
now to my question: What should I fill it with, the Eheim stuff is
expensive, and I was thinking since I am over-filtering, maybe, I could get
away by using some other type of media, so any suggestions are welcome.

Winnipeg, Manitoba