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Hair algae and guppies

I was cleaning one tank and collected a blob of soft hair algae off the
spray bar.  Next to this is my guppy tank with three algae eating shrimp.
So I thought I'd give the shrimp a treat since there doesn't seem to be any
algae in the guppy tank, ever, anymore.

A couple of minutes later I looked over and there were literally a swarm of
guppies noshing on the hair algae.   I searched around and managed to
collect two more blobs of the stuff and within five minutes the guppies had
cleaned it up.  The shrimp got nothing.

So, definitely, it would appear that guppies love to eat hair algae.  Only
problem is they breed like crazy.

Now I know why, when I was a kid, there was never an algae problem in the
tank.  I thought up till now it was just some bizarre form of luck.

G. Kadar