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Date: Sat, 28 Aug 1999 20:16:12 -0700
From: Mark Stahlke <mstahlke at denver_infi.net>
Subject: RE: HGTV

Mark wrote:

>Hello APDers,
>     As the party responsible for passing on Dwight's idea for an HGTV 
>about plant tanks, I guess I should post an update.
>     It turns out the Anne Krueger wasn't the right person to send the 
>suggestion to, but she said she would forward it to some of the producers.
>I'll follow up with her to see if I can get e-mail addresses. Perhaps >a 
>goodold-fashioned e-mail writing campaign can get us an HGTV >segment.


Save your e-mails!  I can help the cause.  I currently work for NBC in San 
Francisco and I have an excellent connection to HGTV.  I used to work with, 
and am very good friends with, one of their producers.  I pitched your idea 
to her the other day over the phone, and she really liked it.  Unfortunately 
their current season just ended, so this goes into the "next season" pile.  
Don't worry I will follow up with her on a regular basis to make sure she 
remembers the story.  Could anyone out there give me some good websites that 
have plenty of visuals that she can look at?

Soon Mark, soon.  :)

Mike Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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