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Re: CaCO3 sources

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 11:52:31 -0700 
From: "Rubin, Michael" <mrubin at visa_com>
Subject: CaCO3 sources

>Has anyone used oyster shell as a source of CaCO3?  >If so, where does
one find it?

The best place to get crushed oyster shells is at a store that sells
feed for ducks or chickens. Like Southern States or another farm supply
store. You can get like a 50 lb. bag of crushed
oyster shells for about $7 or so. I've raised ducks, and crushed oyster
shells are mixed in with their food to give them calcium. 

Another source is a pet store. They will sell a small
box of crushed oyster shells for grit for pet birds. 

You can put the oyster shells in a mesh bag and put them in your
filter. It will increase the hardness of your water. When the water is
at the desired hardness, take it out. I assume it's the calcium from
the oyster shells that increases the hardness.

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