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Re: Angel can't stay at the surface

Peter writes:

> We have a 4" angel that is constantly struggling to stay at or near the
>  surface.  It is swimming constantly to maintain its position (at a sharp
>  upwards angle), and as soon as it stops swimming it sinks rapidly.  It
>  also has lost its appetite.   Is this a swim bladder problem?  Does
>  anyone have any suggestions as to how to treat it.  It's probably 3-4
>  years old.  Is this the end of it's normal life span?

We seem to end up talking fish a good bit lately.  It sounds to me like it is 
time for a broad-spectrum bactericide regimen in a quarantine tank.  I have 
had angels spawning for over 10 years, so it is nowhere near the end of a 
normal life, if it has been properly fed and cared for.

Bob Dixon