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New aquarium,/new aquarist

This list is a little intimidating for a sheer novice. I hope you will help
shine a light in the darkness of my ignorance. I have a 90 gal aquarium all
set up to receive its first shipment of plants. There are no plants in it
yet. I measured the ph of my tap water and my aquarium water which is
recieving diffuse CO2. I also measured the GH and KH of the aquarium water.
The results are: Tapwater ph 7.6, aquarium water ph 6.8. Aquarium water GH 4
degrees of hardness, kh 4 degrees of hardness. These seem like pretty good
numbers from what I've read. I plan to raise primarily angel fish in a
heavily planted tank. I plan to add a few fish 2-3 weeks after I plant the
tank, which will happen on Saturday when the plants arrive from Arizona
Gardens . My question: What should I be looking out for after the plants and
then after the fish? Also is it safe to add water straight from the tap for
water changes. I'm getting a little concerned since I have well water and
there has been a lot of talk here about the unsafeness of adding well water
directly from the tap to the tank. Also is the difference between the ph of
my tap water and the ph of my aquarium water a problem in doing water
changes? My lighting will be close to 4 watts per gallon. Any and all advice
would be appreciated. I am hoping to raise live plants and live fish. I
don't want to kill them off through ignorance.

Jean Risman/very novice aquatic gardener