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Interesting notes on hair algae


A local nursery where I visit often for hair algae (sae's and yamato's)
has a serious growth of hair algae, they stated they can't do anything to
get rid of it (yea right)  Well today when I was getting my pound of algae
I also got some water samples.  There's 4 ponds all the same material,
seems the same fish/snail load, #1 and #2 has more light than #3 and #4.
The samples I took was from #2 and #4.

Sample from both ponds are: pH 6.7, co2 25ppm, ammonia 0ppm, alkalinity 2
dGH, general hardness 5 dGH, nitrates 0ppm, iron < 0.05ppm and copper
0ppm.  The owner stated that it's been awhile since he fertilized any of

The troubling section that I find interesting here is the usual
iron/nitrates (am currenty out of my phosphate kit) are very very low but
yet theres a serious outbreak of hair algae. It grows in mats that smother
other plants.  

Perhaps it's something else causing this growth?