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RE: Fe

>> have grown any a. gracilius, so I can't compare it to e. stellata. The
undersides of the leaves of e. stellata range from a pale to a dark 
red, depending on Fe level. It only takes about 1-2 days to react to

>     High light doesn't, in and of itself, cause algae IMO.

That was pretty much my point. Excess Fe (> 0.2 mg/l by Lamotte) in my tank
causes thread algae to start growing. If I was trying to grow plants in the
dark, I could probably overdose everything with less overall impact.<<

I would agree, but I have also come to the conclusion that under high 
intensity light algae will be much more of a bear regardless of nutrient 
balancing. The only thing that has made a significant difference for me as 
of late is running a diatome filter for 24 hours once a week...in addition 
to monitoring iron, n, p, k, and other nutrients.

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