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PMDD trace mix


Today I picked up this trace mix at a garden store.  The product is called
Natural Guard's Minor L.  The ingredents and % is this:

Manesium (Mg) (3.00% soluble magnesium) 	3.00%
Sulfur (S) total (8.50% combined sulfur)	8.50%
Boron (B)					0.05%
Copper (Cu)					0.50%
Iron (Fe)					10.00%
Manganese (Mn) (3.00% soluble manganese)	3.00%
Molybdenum (Mo)					0.005%
Zinc (Zn)					1.00%

Derived from Seconday and Micro Plant Nutrient Sources: Magnesium
solphate, sodium borate, copper sulphate, iron sulphate, manganese
sulphate, sodium molybdate, zinc sulphate.

Would this work?  Also am looking at lamotte's and hach's test kits for
testing and wonder if I need high range or low range for these elements??