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Re: Perfecto SHOlights

Randy asked about Perfecto SHOlights.....

Acintic (sp?) bulb is a blue light meant for saltwater aqariums.  I
believe the 54k is close to pure sunlight.  So, you would probably want
that.  However, i've heard a few bad things about the lighting unit.
First, it is about $100-130 for just the unit, and the two bulbs cost
about 25-35 dollars extra.......Also, I've heard a few cases where they
don't last as long as they should.  It may be worth it to look into
building your own canopy with light, or get a shop light and suspend it
above your tank.  I have thought about buying the Pefecto SHOlights, but
the cost has convinced me to build my own light unit....

Hope this helps