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RE: Fe

Mr. Wilson wrote:
>I look at it as simply proving that high light levels make everything happen
>faster in the presence of the required nutrients. I really like some of the
>high light plants like Eusteralis stellata which seems as accurate at
>reporting Fe levels as my Lamotte kit. I'm willing to let Fe be a limiting

   Are you saying that you use E.stellata as an Fe indicator? If so, do you
look at color or general growth for your observations? It seems to be a
sensitive plant generally. Therefore, it might prove better than say the
color of Ammannia gracilius for Fe testing. I like the notions  of using
plants and observations over test kits if I can help it. Testing should be
done though. Then, after we(I) get the hang of it, we(I) can use the plants
for general tank conditions. If something goes out of wack then break out
the test kits.  
    High light doesn't, in and of itself, cause algae IMO. When making the
jump to high light tanks it does seem this way at first. The light isn't to
blame. It could be N, K, pH, adding to little/much fertilizer, lack of water
changes etc. Many other factors come into play with higher light.
It's like driving at 25 mph with 2 watts a gallon and 50 mph at 4
watts/gallon. If something goes wrong the crash will hurt more and happen
faster at 50mph! I think I hit a tree( likely the same one) doing 90mph
several times<g>. 
Tom Barr