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Re: Fe levels

> From: Bryan Bankhead <bbank at megsinet_net>
> Subject:
> 	My present 1.0ppm level is not going to be permanent.
> This is more for
> allowing the tank to recuperate from a long term depletion. I
> intend to
> allow it to naturally throttle back to about 0.25 ppm (the lowest the
> Sera test can resolve.) But it's interesting to note the relative
> importance of iron level in triggering algae blooms (I have
> ten times as
> much  Fe as some people with no signifigant increase in algae.). And
> adds more weight to my theory that the high light levels some
> reccomend
> are creating algae problems in many people's tanks.

I look at it as simply proving that high light levels make everything happen
faster in the presence of the required nutrients. I really like some of the
high light plants like Eusteralis stellata which seems as accurate at
reporting Fe levels as my Lamotte kit. I'm willing to let Fe be a limiting

I think you may find that a Sera kits doesn't equal anything predictable on
a Lamotte kit. I know some of the folks like the Sera kit, but I find the
Lamotte kit to me much less subjective in viewing. It is pretty hard to be
wrong with the octet comparator.

Jon Wilson