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Hello APDers,
    As the party responsible for passing on Dwight's idea for an HGTV segment
about plant tanks, I guess I should post an update.
    It turns out the Anne Krueger wasn't the right person to send the
suggestion to, but she said she would forward it to some of the producers.
I'll follow up with her to see if I can get e-mail addresses. Perhaps a good
old-fashioned e-mail writing campaign can get us an HGTV segment. Meanwhile,
Anne pointed me to HGTV's web site where the is a 'comments' form (
http://www.hgtv.com/load_page.cfm?pn=comments ). This might be a good place
to post suggestions for plant tank shows.

    In a similar vein, I'll plant the idea for a planted tank special section
in the Denver Rocky Mountain News (Denver's #1 Newspaper!). Our Saturday
Spotlight section is devoted to gardening with 1 full page about pets. Sounds
like just the right forum. Besides, I think the Rocky needs to do something
to redeem itself after printing that foolish story about taking tropical fish
to the vet for checkups! I felt embarrassed by that one! Since outdoor
gardening season will be winding down in a couple of months, maybe I can
convince the powers that be that to print something about indoor aquatic
gardens. I know we have published articles about outdoor ponds. 
    I am only a lowly professional computer nerd at the Rocky and I have very
little clout in the Editorial area so no guarantees. I'll let you know if
anything develops. 

Kind regards,
Mark Stahlke
Colorado's Premier Grower of Fine Algeas