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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1243

Alfred Heng writes:

> How would I ensure that the large piece of wood I want to put into my tank 
>  is not carrying any "BUGS"?  

Are we talking insects, centipedes and the like, or are you refering to 
harmful bacteria?  As to the former, non-aquatic bugs won't last long 
submerged, and if the wood has been dry for any period of time, then aquatic 
critters are probably dead already.  If you pulled this out of a lake or 
river, there may be some eggs that will hatch in the tank, but the fish will 
probably enjopy the fresh meat.

Bacteria is another question, but I don't know of any plant or fish 
infections that can hang out on a piece of dried wood for long enough to be a 

>  I can't boil this one as it is over 3 feet 
>  long.  Is there a chemical you use?

Anything that will kill the bugs will probably not be good for the fish, and 
maybe also bad for the plants.

>  If so will I have a problem washing 
>  the chemical out before introducing it into the tank?

Yep.  It will soak in.

If you want to use this chunk of wood, you are going to have to just "go for 

Bob Dixon