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Re: Fe levels

Here is something from the Tetra co. book 'Hobbyist Guide to the Natural
Aquarium' by Chris Andrews, chapter 'Cryptocorynes in the Wild and the
"But the water anlyses showed that the iron content in the water was
about 1.4 mg/l. This figure is indeed relatively high,but such levels
also  occur in our own peaty waters in Germany...."
	This from a Cryptocoryne gathering field trip in Malaysia. He also said
the water was a dh<1 and a ph of 4.8! No major algae blooms mentioned.

	My present 1.0ppm level is not going to be permanent. This is more for
allowing the tank to recuperate from a long term depletion. I intend to
allow it to naturally throttle back to about 0.25 ppm (the lowest the
Sera test can resolve.) But it's interesting to note the relative
importance of iron level in triggering algae blooms (I have ten times as
much  Fe as some people with no signifigant increase in algae.). And
adds more weight to my theory that the high light levels some reccomend
are creating algae problems in many people's tanks.