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>Hi all
>How would I ensure that the large piece of wood I want to put into my tank 
>is not carrying any "BUGS"?  I can't boil this one as it is over 3 feet 
>long.  Is there a chemical you use?  If so will I have a problem washing 
>the chemical out before introducing it into the tank?
Soak it in bleach. 20:1 is fine. Cut off any rot. Add to bleach for a day or
so. Rinse, gargle
and add to another solution of dechloronator for another day. 
Lime works also but I like the bleach better due to less impact on Ph and
dechloronator is something I have around the house. Salt will work also but
rinsing and soaking come into the picture more. 
A 5 gallon bucket will work also by using the 1/2 of the wood in the
solution for one day, then turning it over for the next end, the next day.
Takes longer but a 3 ft bucket isn't always handy.
You can use a plastic trash can(large) too.
Tom Barr