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RE: Fe levels

> From: Bryan Bankhead <bbank at megsinet_net>
> Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1241
> >
> > I can't imagine keeping it that high. At anything over 0.2
> mg/l I start
> > growing thread algae all over. Since I am too lazy to get
> out the test tube
> > brush and go "algae twirling", I stay at around 0.1 mg/l.
> >
> > Jon Wilson
> How long does it take? In five days an anubias leaf that was butter
> yellow is now pea green. With macrophyte changes this fast I can't
> believe I wouldn't be seeing an algae bloom If I was going to
> get one.
> Of course I'm not an advocate of the high light levels
> commonly used on
> this list and reccomended by SOME authorities. For example this 15 gal
> has one Chroma 50 20 watt. for 14 hours a day.

Being one of those high light level fans, I think you answered your own
question. It only takes about 24 hrs for me to generate a significant amount
of thread algae when my Fe is > 0.2 mg/l. I guess I define significant as a
golf ball sized wad when collected from all over the tank. It usually starts
growing in the higher light areas first, but if I push iron levels higher,
it will grow nearly anywhere in the tank.

Jon Wilson