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Hi! I'm new to the list and I just started some live plants in my small
10 gallon aquarium. I have questions regarding the lighting for my

I just wonder which of the following fluorescent lights is
brighter/better for my aquarium.

1. The All Glass Aquarium 15 W Preheat. It doens't say how many K. This
came with my aquarium kit. The light is kind of pinkish or violet in
the aquarium.

2. Philips 4100K Ultralume 15 W. The light looks kind of greenish or
yellowish in the aquarium.

I just want to make sure which will provide more lights and intensity
for my planted aquarium.

Can I use any other flourescent light bulbs that I can get at hardware
stores? Please recommend some types to me. The aquarium flourescent
light bulbs are kind of expensive.

Any comments or advices are welcome.

Kean Huat
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