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Re: PMAS update

Bob Dixon asked if he should add more lights or CO2, first.

My 55G seems CO2-limited with two 40W tubes in a shop light fixture. I use a
Chroma 50 and a daylight, or some similar combination, depending on what's
cheap when I need a replacement. Basically not eneough light to look very
bright, but to get slow steady growth of all but the highest light plants.
Red plants will get red, etc., but are not brilliant.

When I used to add DIY CO2, the plants pearled significantly, and growth was
considerably improved (to nuisance levels ;-)). I could possibly use one
cool white and one wide spectrum tube, get similar growth and more
appearance of brightness.

Based on this experience, and with a very similar substrate as Bob's, I
would suggest adding CO2 *and* the extra light. Otherwise, if it's one or
the other, try adding the CO2 first.

Just my US$0.02


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