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DIY light questions


Greetings. New list member here. I'm really enjoying the list.

I'm in the process of building a 4-lamp light fixture around a Motorola
Electronic ballast (instant start Silver Edition M4-IN-T8-GP-D-120). I've
read about EMI problems with some electronic ballasts and was wondering if
this ballast may exhibit the same. Should I use shielding of any sort on the
fixture and/or wiring?

Also, does anyone know of an economical mail order source for 36-inch T8
lamps with high color temps and CRI rating? Grainger no longer carries the
GE SPX50s in this size (discontinued). I am really wanting the Philips
F25T8/TL950s (5000k, CRI 98) but I cannot find these anywhere.

Meanwhile, I've just purchased some GE SPX41s to use in lieu of my preferred
lamps. Any opinions on this tube?

This fixture will light a 45 gal aquarium (36L x 24H x 12W) containing a mix
of plants w/small community fish.


Dan Dixon