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Re: Amquel

on 12:07 AM 8/27/99 , Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

 >It may not be the falt of the LFS.  All the local shops here in Boise get
 >their supplies from one of three whoelsalers in Salt Lake City.  The only
 >brands of aquarium bulbs they can carry are Corallife, because that's all 
 >wholesalers carry.  We can't get Oceanic tanks.  Not available from the
 >distributors in the area.  Same with Amquel, products by Sera, and a couple
 >of other big brand names.  NO Jungle sponge filters.  I can't even buy a
 >brine shrimp net locally effective about two months ago.  The only place to
 >get Tetra "billi" filters is Petsmart, and they just sold out the last of
 >their stock on close-out.  Go figure.

I'm in Salt Lake City. That explains why I hadn't ever seen Amquel in a 
store here until Petco opened a location (I assume they have their own 
distributor network.) Is there a Petco in Boise? I vaguely remember seeing 
one there, but I may be mistaken.

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