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Re: Sera Plant Food

Roger Miller wrote:
> Several years ago I bought a few pounds of chelated iron and a Sera iron
> test kit.  I tested my tanks which were then dosed with Tetra Florapride
> and registered no iron.  My tap water also registered no iron with the
> kit.  

	The Sera Test doesn't work with chelated iron supplements. The iron in
Sera is a the form of Iron Chloride and the EDTA is separate, rather
than using an iron EDTA salt. How this relates to how the test works is
anybodys guess.

RM also wrote:
> Incidentally, dissolved iron in unpolluted natural water is generally in
> the parts per billion range - 50 parts per billion or so is fairly
> common.  The EPA limit for domestic use is 0.3 mg/l of iron, and their
> limit for protection of aquatic life is 1.0 mg/l.  Why would we ever need
> 0.5 mg/l of iron in aquarium water?

	Beats me. Why do people set the nitrate level for their tanks in the
2-10ppm range when this is dozens of times higher than most natural
waters? How many natural waters have the 25-35ppm CO2 Denerle reccomends
for your tank?

	See my other post on the Sera Plant food. I think it's doing wonderful
things for the plants.