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Sera iron test

At 03:48 PM 8/26/1999 -0400, Roger S. Miller wrote:
>This all gave me a very low opinion of Sera and their products.  Your
>story reinforces that opinion.  Dave Gomberg may have figured out a way to
>get the Sera kit to work by ignoring their instructions.  Thanks Dave, but
>that still does nothing for my opinion of Sera.

Roger, I am sorry to hear you had problems with the Sera kit.   I have used
two of them now and they work terrific for me.   So well that I have added
them to my line, which contains only things I truly believe in.  That is:

high pressure CO2 system
Tropica MasterGrow
Sera Iron test kit

We may be adding lights and the Seachem nitrate test kit soon.   I think
there is a caution in your tale that the life of the test kits may not be
forever.   Truth be told, I have no idea how long it is.  I do know that my
Sera iron kit test fluid has a strong sulfur smell.  Too bad you threw
yours out.  It would be nice to know if it still smelled and how old it
was.   Well, I am sure you will be happy with a Hach.   They are a very
nice kit, if not quite as sensitive as the Sera.
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