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Re: Amazon Trip

I hope that I don't offend to many people on the list by this post, and I
think that I am pretty safe given the replies that I have read so far.  If I
offend you, to bad, its a free country........Take the trip and enjoy
yourself.  Grab as many plants as is legal.  All the BLEEDING HART LIBERALS
that want to chastise you for doing this will never visit the Amazon anyway.
As far as the theory that," it wont hurt if only one person does it, but
will definitely hurt if a hundred or more do it", is a bunch of garbage!  I
have never heard a News group, or tree hugging group say that deforestation
happened from people picking flowers or plants.  I'm sick and tired of
hearing how we are destroying our environment.  For ever stat. that these
Liberals post I could counter post with factual statistics that would debunk
theirs.  Most of the time ( usually after the fact) we learn that their
information has been a bunch of lies anyway. Like global warming......what a
joke.  Hasn't anyone heard of the 40 year cycle?  Every 40 years or so the
world cycles through drought and floods.  That's the fact.  Pick up a book
and read a little instead of believing what someone else has told you.  Well
anyway that's my opinion.  I for one would love to see pictures of your
trip, plus all the FREE plants that you were able to bring back.  Keep us
posted,  I am green with envy.