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Re: rainforest/ecosystems of South America


Just a few notes on my part ;) enjoy

>This is a little off subject of aquatic plants, but please remain with
>If a person was truly interested in the rainforest/ecosystems of South
>America, they should look at things they do in their daily lives that
>contribute to the growing problems of these fragile ecosystems.
>1.  The next time you buy a fast food hamburger ask where the meat comes
>from.  If they reply "we don't know", leave your order on the counter and
>walk away.

Yes you do have a valid point there! Congrats!  I have personally found an
easier solution to this.  I am vegan ;)

>2.  When you buy your groceries, ask the butcher where the meat comes
>from, and specify U.S grown beef.

Again I am vegan ;)

>3.  The next time you purchase furniture or an aquarium stand, ask where
>the lumber comes from to build these items.

Furniture? as in wood products?  I currently use bonsai wood that sinks,
looks good and is grown in plots not harvested from the wild :)