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Re: Beating back bluegreen algae


This is one of the few post that i've read recently regarding a natural
solution (non-medicated) approach to a 'nasty' issue in tanks.  I
encourage others to seek similar methods when presented with issues like
this.  So far in my experience there is not much that can happen in a tank
that alittle ingenuity can't cure in no time.  It's sad to see all the
medications being dumped into the tank blindly (mosty not the end users
fault but the local pet shop's fault for pushing there products)

One thing that I would really like to see is something like the
sears-collins experiment but with algaes i.e. adding X causes this
reaction in algae Y.  All in all I would like to state a better
understanding of algaes and other 'phenomena' in aquatics is in order.