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rainforest/ecosystems of South America

This is a little off subject of aquatic plants, but please remain with me.  

If a person was truly interested in the rainforest/ecosystems of South 
America, they should look at things they do in their daily lives that 
contribute to the growing problems of these fragile ecosystems.  
1.  The next time you buy a fast food hamburger ask where the meat comes 
from.  If they reply "we don't know", leave your order on the counter and 
walk away.  
2.  When you buy your groceries, ask the butcher where the meat comes from, 
and specify U.S grown beef.  
3.  The next time you purchase furniture or an aquarium stand, ask where the 
lumber comes from to build these items.  

The point I am trying to make is that people in their daily lives determine 
the fate of ecosystems across the world.  Remember the old saying, " If you 
live in a glass house, don't throw stones".  

I am a farmer and in an ongoing battle with environmentalist and 
environmental groups that feel it is there place to tell me what I can and 
can't do on my on land, when they don't have any sound science to back it up. 
 However, they tend to forget that farmers were the first ENVIROMENTALIST, 
and will be the last.  No one knows the land as well as a concerned farmer.

TFARMS at aol_com

Never has so few fed so many. In the U.S. less than 1% of the population 
feeds our country plus many others around the world. We are also regulated 
heaver than any other country.

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