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Crypts not doing well!

Hi all,
       I've been watching my Cryptocoryne willisii and my various other 
crypts grow slowly and gradually look more and more unhealthy. The leaves 
are yellowing and a couple have holes in them. My other plants, on the 
other hand(huge mass of java moss and fern on a large piece of driftwood, 
Ceratopteris thalictroides, 3 Echinodorus bleheri(paniculatus), Hydrocotyle 
leucocephala and 2 anubias barteri var nana), are doing wonderfully. I keep 
the tank well fertilized, but I believe that the iron and phosphorus 
content of the water is a bit high(not sure exactly). The pH is 6.5 and 
there is DIY CO2 injection and the water is quite soft(<3DH).
Does anyone know why these crypts are not doing well. I always had the 
impression that they were fairly easy to grow and don't require much light 
- though I have 3W/gal of Chroma 50's. If there is any more info you need 
to answer this question, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated, 
by myself and the plants!