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Re: KH and Ammonia

Steve Dixon asked....

>Dave Whittaker wrote:  >>> I encountered a similar problem in a recently
>set up tank using a sand over soil substrate. I was losing rasbora on a
>daily basis until I had the presence of mind to test pH and KH. The
>latter had risen from 1 to 7; hence, the ammonia released during water
>changes were killing the fish.>>>
>I'm missing something here.  Why would a rise in KH release ammonia and
>kill your fish?  KH and pH should rise together, right?  Changing the
>water should reduce any concentrations of ammonia, unless the new water
>contains ammonia.  What am I missing?
>Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco

The raw water is treated with chloramine, and I break the bond using
sodium thiosulfate. Normally at pH 7.0 or 7.2 the fish show no distress. 
With Rasbora it is always possible that it was the KH and not the pH
that slowly did them in. The tank was planted and brightly lit. When
I added DIY CO2 to the tank, the deaths stopped.

I was surprised that no one commented on my previous post concerning
the disappearance of green water subsequent to the addition of dolomite
to three tanks.

Re: Shipping into Canada

Find an airline which flies from California to Toronto. The shipper
takes the package to the airport prior to departure. The receiver
picks it up at customs at the other end. Usually there is a minimum;
in the case of NW Airlines it was $35. I investigated, but never
used this procedure.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca