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Bananas growing from floating leaf!

Back in early July Roger Miller wrote:

>I don't know if this always works, but it worked once for me.  I read about
>it in the APD archives.

>Wait a few days for the floating leaf to develop, then cut it off leaving a
>foot or two of stem dangling.  Leave the cut off leaf in the tank.  After a
>week or two it will start sprouting "bananas" and roots where it was cut off.
>At least that's what happened to me the one time I tried it.

I have had a banana leaf and its 2 foot long (severed) stalk floating
around in my tank for a couple of weeks now.  I noticed tonight that it
is in fact putting out little bananas at the cut end.  Pretty cool! --
Sherman Lovell  (BTW, I tried this with other floating leaf plants --
various dwarf water lilies -- with no luck.)