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Shipping into Canada

At 03:48 AM 8/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there ANY courier companies which will
>ship "live animals" from the U.S. to Canada? Is there any way to get the
>U.S. Postal Service to realize the fact that Canada is a HUGE country and
>that Vancouver, while it is only three hours by air from California, is over
>a thousand miles from Toronto? Can a shipper request/direct the U.S. Postal
>service to send the package to a border entry point that is closer to the
>delivery point, rather than the one closest to the point of origin? Would
>shipping in larger bags (with more water per fish) help the fish survive a
>four day stay in the box?

Four days in a bag shouldn't be a big deal, killies routinesly
spend a week with no problems. You need one to a bag
and you want their gut to be empty. Water is unimportant,
it's air that counts. You want minimal water and
lots of air.

If push coems to shove, contact Jim R, he'll give you
Dick's address in Buffalo wher eyou can get them shipped to and
Jim can pick them up on one of his biweekly runs.

Fed-Ex will ship live stuff but you have to call them

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