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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1233

At 06:34 PM 08/24/1999 -0800, you wrote:
>Someone asked if hobbyist have done damage to species in this area.
>Answer is yes. Parrots have been decimated by the trade of birds. Perhaps
>some fish too but this would be hard to verify. Plants? Well, that is
>another story. Perhaps we should go down and cut down a huge area for
>aquatic plant production? They do this for all those whoppers and big mac's
>with raising beef there. 
>Every Blue macaw we buy means that there is one more that needs to be
>caught. If we don't buy them they( the folks who go get them) won't catch
>the remaining ones. Fur is dead works BTW for those who say it'll never
>happen or are hopeless. Hobbyist can deny or rationalize till they are blue
>in the face. They ARE directly respondsible. Perhaps there are a middle man
>or two, but all are guilty.
>       Plants are not like this though. Introduced plants/loss of habitat
>cause more problems than harvesting by the hobbyist of aquatics. Not many
>folks go there to rape the rivers of the "rare" plants. More folks go for
>fish than plants certainly don't you think? Commercial operations might do
>some serious damage. 
>Some Crypts are now quite rare in the home ranges but this isn't always due
>to over collecting and certainly not from  hobbyist.
>    I think not letting the importation of cheap Brazilian or S.A. Beef to
>the USA and Canada would do a much greater good than saying no to plants.  
>     Just don't let your trimmings get into the ponds or creeks here! Just
>let the stuff die if you don't want it or can't find a use for it anymore.
>Be respondsible. Learn to grow the plants so there's less need to buy and
>import plants.
>Ah, capitalism! At 50000$ for one Blue fin tuna does anyone think they'll
>not go extinct? 
>That's alot of $$. Some macaws go for 10000+$.
>   Aquatic Plants? 15$ max<g> Not much in the way of a black market, eh?
>Drug trade and the illegal animal trade are one in the same there and
>elsewhere. Send the representives a piece of your mind if you want to change
>things. Do something if you care. OK, I'm done soapboxing! 
>Tom Barr